Freeport to Fox Town – Bahamas

Day 3 in Grand Bahama, we went from Freeport to Fox Town on Little Abaco Island. WOW … What a day! It wasn’t too bad, until we went through the East end of Grand Bahama up ‘twards Abaco. After we had lunch in Fox Town, we headed back… into what was an EXTREMELY long ride back. We found MUCH rain and cloudy weather and it gou a bit ROUGH. We had to stop for 45 minutes or so because of not being able to see very well. That coupled with the fact almost of our navigational aids went kaplooie. My digital compass on my ski said we were going E, when I damn well know FOR SURE we were going W. We were on the North side of GB and the island was to out LEFT… It was by far the LONGEST and hardest ride we’ve ever done in one day. 168.67 miles.

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