North Wales November

An Icy cold day with stunning views and jet ski action from NORTH WALES.

Florida Jet skiing – looks like a video game

Florida Jet skiing – looks like a video game

Tycoch and Black Rock Sands

A weekend in north west wales august 2017.

JetSkiers Are Idiots, Part To

Jetskiing through Jungle-like creeks.

JetSkiers are Idiots

Econ River was at 9ft. Rode from C.S. Lee to the Snow Hill Rd bridge where we encountered a newly posted 5mph speed limit sign!

Snake Creek at Loughman

Narrow Twisty Creek connecting the SJR with Loughman Lake. Got confused at the end and sucked up weeds!

Narrow Backwater Creek

Running fast through a narrow creek until I ran over some weeds! Used the GoPro Hero 5 with GPS.

Marco Island Ride with South Florida Riders Riva Racing 2017

Marco Island ride with the South Florida Riders.

7 Minute Jungle JetSki Ride

JetSkiing through a Jungle like creek.

JetSkiing Adventure through the Jungle

Narrow, Twisty, Jungle Like Creeks and Canals.