How To Replace The Flywheel Bolts On Your Sea-Doo PWC

In this video we show the steps to replace your OEM flywheel bolts on your Sea-Doo personal water craft. This is a necessity if you remove your rev limiter and operate above 8,100 RPM.

DJI Mavic Pro Sea-Doo Swamp Drone

Some great 3ftDeep footage of the swamp filmed with the amazing DJI Mavic Pro drone!

Security Anchor For Your Personal Water Craft

We found a great security system for your personal watercraft: the EZ Anchor. This anchor screws 4 ft. into the river or lake bed,

Riding Gear To Extend The Riding Season Of Your Personal Water Craft

You spent a lot of money on your personal water craft, so it’s a shame to have it sitting on your trailer most of the year.

How To Replace Your Sea-Doo Rotax Engine Valve Spring Retainers

Step-by-step instructions on how to replace the valve spring retainers on the Rotax engine of your Sea-Doo personal water craft

How To Replace The Battery On Your Sea-Doo Personal Water Craft

If your personal water craft battery is 5 years old or older, it’s time to get rid of it. This video shows the basic steps needed to replace the battery on your Sea-Doo personal water craft, and keep your machine running safely and reliably.

How To: Engine Alignment on a Sea-Doo PWC

A short video outlining the steps to vertically align the engine of your Sea-Doo personal watercraft. Performed on a 2012 GTR 215 Sea Doo, it shows the additional steps required when the engine mount retaining screws fail.

How To: Blow-By Valve Check for Sea-Doo PWC

Blow-by valve hose check is part of the standard 100 hour service (or 1 year) for most Sea-Doo personal water craft.

How To Make an Impeller Jam Removal Tool for Personal Water Craft

If you ride your personal water craft in weedy lakes or rivers with floating debris, you’ve got to have an impeller jam removal tool. In this how-to video we show you how to make this handy-dandy tool …3ftDeep style!

How To Replace The Carbon Ring On Your Sea-Doo PWC

This video shows how to replace the carbon ring on your Sea-Doo personal water craft. Performed on a 2004 RXP Sea Doo, this step-by-step video takes you through all the critical steps required to replace this critical component.

How To Install A Depth Finder On Your Sea-Doo Personal Water Craft

The last thing you want to happen when you’re zipping along the river at 69.5 mph is to run out of water. This how-to video shows how to install a Depth Finder on your Sea-Doo personal water craft. Performed on a 2015 RXT-X 260 Sea Doo.

Strong Wind Warning? No Problem for a Personal Water Craft!

Strong wind warning in effect? No fun in a boat, but promises a great time on a Sea-Doo! 25 to 30 knot winds signal a perfect day of jet ski fun in the waters of the Straight of Georgia in the Pacific Northwest. 3ftDeep welcomes a special guest, “Ed” on this outing.