East River 2017

Short trip up East River Made it 11.5 miles up river Bridge at 9.0 miles

East River 2016

First Time Exploring East River. Rick punches hole in ski! Tim, Rick, and Jimmy

Pascagoula Ride 4.1.2017

First Ride of the Year Pascagoula 2017 Panhandle PWC

Horn Island Camping Trip

3.4.2017 #dontbeachrisedition

Panhandle PWC – Cypress, Morrison, and Washington Springs Trip

Our trip to the Springs! First Washington, then up Holmes Creek to Cypress, but got stopped by a tree, continued on to Morrison Springs. The day was still young so we pulled the skis and drove 20 miles to a closer landing (bypassed downed tree) and launched again to get to Cypress Springs!