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How to ride a jet ski to the Bahamas Part one

2 guys from Kansas City ride from Miami to the Bahamas. Route included: Miami-Bimini-Nassau-Exumas-Nassau-Andros-Bimini-Miami. Songs: Slightly Stoopid-Leaving on a Jetplane

Miami to Bahamas on jet skis sea-doo’s july 2017

a few us rode from haul over Miami to Bimini Bahamas again. Good times. This was our second trip crossing. 2016 GTI SE 130 Tyler 2016 RXT-X 300 Jason 2017 RXT-X 300 john royalty free music… get ya in the island mood ya mon

Florida Jetski: ROUGH SEAS! – Miami 2 Bimini Crossing 2017

A group of jet skis and jet boats leaving Haulover Marina in Miami, headed for Bimini Bahamas. Here’s over 6 minutes of what we endured for over 6 hours. Watching that deep ocean blue water transform into crystal clear turquoise right under us…… it was instantly worth it!

Florida Jetski: Miami to Bimini Bahamas – Jul 2017

On Jul 14, 2017-Jul 16,2017, a small group of Jetskis and boats cross the Gufstream from Miami to Bimini Bahamas to enjoy an amazing weekend we will never forget

Our Bimini Trip – Part 1 – Video of road trip to Miami, crossing and arrival to Bimini Sands Resort!

Our Bimini Trip – Part 1 – Video of road trip to Miami, crossing and arrival to Bimini Sands Resort! More video to come! An adventure of a lifetime for us! Loved every moment! GET.BUSY.LIVING!

Panhandle PWC 2017 Jetski Trip from Florida to Abaco, Bahamas

Amazing time with some amazing friends! 1 Boat, 5 Waverunners, and 697 miles!

Bimini July 21st-23rd PWC Super Rack

Bimini Trip July 21st PWC Super Rack www.PWCSUPERRACK.comPWC Super Rack

Texas to the Exhumas, Bahamas on boats and waverunners

This is a poor attempt to show highlights from our recent adventure to the Exhumas. It was craziest and most amazing trip I have ever done. Photos and pics don’t do it justice

Bimini Trip June 16th-17th 2017 Riva Racing 4K

Florida PWC Riders crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Bimini Bahamas. 4 Yamaha WaveRunners