We are official for our forth annual West Coast Watercraft Club Yuma Event! We will be invading Yuma on Thursday May 11th and returning home on Sunday May 14th.

The drive from zip code 91316 to 85364 is approx. 300 miles going through Riverside via Salton Sea. I have found this route is less curvy and less miles going through the Salton Sea then going over Interstate 8. Watch out for the CHP they are waiting for speeders. If you own a radar detector use it…

Directions to Squaw Lake – 95 to East Imperial Dam Road to Senator Wash Road. Turn right onto Senator Wash Road and follow signs to Squaw Lake.

Note – East Imperial Dam Road Landmark has a Military Canon at intersection of road.

Blythe: No fuel available for this trip. They are under new ownership. I will be contacting them again before our trip.

Apparently at Walters Camp their fuel pump is working properly. As for the trek to Blythe we will need to carry fuel I am estimating 5 – 10 Gallons per ski. It’s around 80 miles each way and 40 miles each way from Walters Camp. Walters Camp is the half way point for fuel.

The fuel situation, Brian and Rob the new managers of Walters Camp has agreed to make our trip pleasurable and assist us. Since the fuel pumps along the Colorado are very old they require a certain pressure so they work properly. As to my knowledge they are working properly and the fuel is flowing faster as of March, 2017. .

Welcome to Yuma!

Come out and ride with us on our next event.



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