NOLA PWC Fort Tour: Part II

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Ride Date: December 6th, 2015

Join us, as we tackle the Mighty Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico to explore Fort Jackson, Fort St. Philip and Fort Livingston.

We began our adventure at the Delta Marina located in Empire, LA. We entered the Mississippi River after locking through at Empire. We headed south to our first stop, Fort Jackson. We then crossed the river and entered the inlet that would lead us to Fort St. Philip. This stop took us the longest to explore. This site has not been maintained for nearly a quarter of a century. With 6 different Batteries, along with the Fort, we had a lot of ground to cover. After seeing everything that we could, we loaded back up, and headed for Delta Marina to top off on fuel before the long haul to Fort Livingston. After an hour of being battered by the Gulf of Mexico, we finally made it to our last stop of the day, Fort Livingston. We only had about 30 minutes to explore, seeing as we had to stop for fuel again, and we still had about 40+ miles of water to cover to make it back before sunset. We topped off on fuel one last time at Sand Dollar Marina, in Grand Isle, LA. It was a rough, cold ride back, but we made it and got loaded up just before the sun had set. After 8 hours, and 102 miles on the ski, we called it a day and headed for the house!

Fort Jackson is owned by Plaquemines Parish, and is closed to the public.

Fort St. Philip is on private land.

Fort Livingston is owned by the State of Louisiana, and is closed to the public.

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