How to Ride a Stand Up Jet Ski – The Basics

In an effort to bring the awesome motorsport of stand up jet skiing to the public – here is the first video in my How to Ride a Stand Up Jet Ski series. This video starts off with the very basics of the controls and main parts of a stand up jet ski. Then I move on to shallow starts, deep water starts and finish will illustrating switching legs to turn. There is a severe lack of content in the Internet for beginners and veteran riders alike to learn about riding stand up jet skis. I know I would have loved something like this when I learned less than two years ago. Text articles just don’t cut it for me.

Future installments will talk about other modifications to improve a stand up and more advanced riding techniques.

As always – comments, questions and suggestions will help me bring you better content!

And yes…I know I misspelled resistance…oops. Just making sure you were reading my tips 😉


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